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Display Resolution and Web Browser Tips:

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Minimum resolution required: 1024 x 768. 1280x 1024 preferred. For optimal screen area, press  F11  key to activate full-screen mode. IE6 users: For further space savings, right click on the menu bar, and turn on Auto-Hide. In IE7, Auto-Hide is default in full-screen. Firefox lacks a full-screen feature. JavaScript is required for gallery and slideshow features. No cookies are used throughout the site. You should disable any toolbars you might have installed.

Display Calibrations:

Monitors/video capabilities and qualities vary widely. Regardless of the grade of equipment, it most likely has less than optimal settings. Even if they were previously tuned, periodic re-calibration is in order, as many factors can alter those settings over time.

Detailed instructions on how to calibrate monitors and its prerequisite concepts are beyond our scope here. You should at a minimum adjust the brightness and contrast settings on your monitor. Optionally, you may tweak the gamma settings (advanced) on your video output, if so equipped, and if you know how and understand what it does.

Use our simple chart below as a quick guide when making adjustments. You should be able to discern a definite difference between all adjacent cells of colors and shades. For further fine-tuning, see our Detailed Calibration Chart.

Click on chart to see more detailed version
Sound Issues:
  • Auto-play background sound is IE-only. For other browsers, click to play manually.
  • To stop background sound, use browser Stop button.
  • To repeat music, use browser Refresh button. I program it to play once, no looping.
  • To click a link w/o interrupting music: right-click, select Open in new Tab/Window
  • Adobe Shockwave, Flash and JavaScript:

    Some albums require these plug-in for your browser. You may perform diagnostics to determine your version/status, and download and install the required software from Adobe. Naturally, admin rights and firewall setup required.

    In IE, all active-X objects (such as Shockwave & Flash, which are essentially programs) are disabled by default as a security measure, when the page loads. It requires a click on the object to start running.

    You can also test your JavaScript settings and status, and learn how to enable JavaScript.


    High speed Internet connection is highly recommended, even though you can view/play even the shockwave presentation, on dialup lines, with a noticeable delay.


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