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Change is in the air...     SUMMER 2007

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Welcome back to Bravo Studio 3.0! It's been a long overdue overhaul. Since I started this site in 1997, a lot had happened. It had been in serious neglect for the past 5 years, with minimal update as I devoted most energy to my other sites.

Viewing Problems?

Pictures too dark? Too big? Don't have Shockwave and Flash? See our newly updated HELP page for tips, hints, instructions and additional reference resources.

The goals and purposes of Bravo Studio have evolved significantly in the last decade. It's high time I redesign things to reflect its new missions.

Gone are the 7-year old 2.0 design, its outdated structure and amateurish aesthetics. I decided to retired it entirely with the 10,000+ pictures. For now, I'll simply place a few quickly selected albums, and concentrate on current work going forward. I will then catch up on my previous backlog of unpublished works, and re-post selected old materials as I find time to convent them.

Note: Various hidden "semi-private" sites, such as company parties, golf tournaments, youth groups functions, weddings, etc. are still availableif you have the unpublished link. You just can't navigate there via main page links.

What's Next?

Now that I have this hand-crafted theme and site structure completed, I can work on future directions for the content. Stay tuned...

Flash and Shockwave will increasingly be utilized heavily for presentation here, supplementing simplistic JavaScript. All previous Java contents had been purged and will be phased out. There's also a renewed emphasis on usability and cross-browser compatibility support.

The latest project is Jess' Bar Mitzvah. There are 2 shockwave albums and 2 traditional thumbnail galleries.
I took a few Christmas decorations snapshots at the Millhouse Family Restaurant and processed them and posted here. For a few of you, it's been our unofficial "meeting room" for the past 2 years, so it might be neat to see.
Current Features:
  • Jess' Bar Mitzvah
  • Sam's Holiday Pictures
  • Kids
  • Dixie Chicks
  • Sam's Virtual Props

  • Guest Photographers:
    Aspiring pros, friends, clients, fellow travelers... SUBMIT YOURS
  • Dave Gaylord: Hand
  • Lindsay Hopwood: China Trip

  • Some Old Materials:

  • Ice Storm 2007
  • Broadfoot-LaBella Wedding
  • Melissia Birthday 2004
  • Stages 2006
        A Broadway Musical Revue
  • Rochester Red Wings Game
  • Lynne's July 4th Party
  • Shooting Practice  
  • Lilac Festival 2001
  • New York City trip
  • Photo Montage Sample
        T2P 1 2
  • Comdex 2000 Las Vegas
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