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You can SKIP / PAUSE / PICK, fullscreen, switch to gallery mode to download, etc.
Best viewed with HD1080 tablet, starting in horizontal mode, disable auto-rotate
Technical Tips
General Website Requirements:
  • IE8+ / FF29+ / Opera 12+ / Dophin
  • Minimum display resolution: 1024x768, or else incurs scaling/panning
  • javascript: only for minor optional effects, not navigation
  • active-x/plug-in: none

Photo Hosting Site (HD slideshow & thumbnail gallery):

  • IE9+ / FF29+ / Opera 12+ / Dophin
  • Flash 11.x, or HTML 5 support
  • Low-res mobile screens fully supported
  • mobile site with touch + gestures

My Album Default Settings:

  • starts in slideshow mode, can switch to gallery mode
  • fullscreen mode: OFF, click icon to enable (highly recommended)
  • high resolution mode: ON. For slow connections, drop down "Slideshow" to uncheck box
  • slide duration: 5 seconds, not changeable by user (can skip/pause/pick)
  • background music: disabled

How To...

  • moving mouse triggers display of:
    • command bar: pause / skip fwd / go back
    • toggle Fullscreen icon
    • film strip (for picking specific shots)
  • deactivate Fullscreen to reveal menu bar
    • dropdown "Slideshow" to switch to Gallery mode, or
    • to uncheck "high resolution" checkbox
    • dropdown "Actions" to download entire album
  • while in gallery mode, you can download image, comment, share


  • Mobile devices are auto-detected & routed to touch site
  • Best view with true fullscreen mode 1080p HD
  • Looks great on large screen HDTV 42"+
  • Disable auto-rotate on phone/tablet, so that you can optionally manually rotate